They say about me…

As both devoted fans and insiders will tell you, the creators of a musical event are not only the singers and the players. Artists of other professions contribute to the success of a festival, concert or recording session with equal experience, passion, precision, technique and imagination. The works of Gianni Grandi embody the naked soul of the performer on stage. His awesome black & white close-ups perform blues, soul, jazz and rock in high resolution and true fidelity with an instrument that he is a real master of, the camera.
Edoardo Fassio – Dee-jay, author and journalist

“Dear Gianni, I thank you again for your help and for the beautiful pictures you’ve taken and which have become icons representative of my album “Swing, un omaggio alla mia maniera” and “Nonostante tutto… 45 anni di carriera.” In those photos you did with your art and your professionalism, to capture the joy and passion that every time I try to pass through the craft of the singer. Thanks again and a big good luck to all.”
Orietta Berti – Singer

“Gianni’s masterful hands and eyes were able to convert my photographs into the masterpiece that became Habana Libre.”
Michael Dweck – Photographer

“I enjoyed my festival without the music to see the photos taken by Gianni Grandi. The warmth of soul music, the complicity of the looks, the intensity of the performances, the choice of the details. Everything oozes from the wonderful black and white that makes us discover a great professional. “
Graziano Ulliani – Artistic Director of the Porretta Soul Festival

“I worked with Gianni Grandi to the development of my book Gotham City, and I was able to appreciate its many technical skills. His experience crosses the photography and post-production of images, graphics, delicate procedures related to pre-and the final print volumes. with great passion he puts into his work, Gianni has therefore been a valuable partner – not just a technical sailed, but a nice person and helpful staff that was able to help me and advise me in pursuit of a book I cared so much.”
Luca Campigotto – Photographer

“Gianni Grandi is a hugely talented artist. With a sharp eye for retouching, color correction, and production, under Gianni’s watchful eye some of the finest books on photography are produced. I’m very grateful to know him.”
Nick Vogelson – Graphic Designer at the Townhouse Creative Agency

“Dear Gianni, you have done wonderful work on the repro and printing on my book NEW ZEN! I can see how much effort and skill went into this, and would like to thank you very much indeed for a fantastc job.”
Michael Freeman – Photographer

“Music is the land that gave me the chance, completely random, to meet an excellent professional, able to have the flicker of champions in, being able to capture the moment, and nail him forever. His name is Gianni Grandi. In addition to possessing unquestioned competence, it is especially a passionate man… There not enough? Keep on Gianni!!!”
Giovanni “Jo” Campana – Lighting & Concept Designer